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Bring up Gallardo?

The question as to when will Doug Melvin bring up Yovani Gallardo from Triple A is something that Brewer fans have been wondering all season.  Some questioned if he would even make the leap this season due to what was perceived to be a strong rotation.

However, after another tough loss, the sensation to bring Gallardo up is reaching its peeks.  Equal blame should be placed on the offense as they left 10 runners on in scoring position. But that fact of the matter is another L was put in Dave Bush’s record. Bush now sits at 3-6 with his last 3 starts all ending in losses.  Bush should be glad to see the month of May end as he allowed 22 runs and only recorded 1 win in 6 outings.  The problem is that 14 of the 22 runs came after the 5th inning.  While Bush has been very solid in the first 5 innings of every game, he has struggled significantly once he reaches the 6th or 7th inning.  I would assume that somebody has brought this statistic to manager Ned Yost attention.  So, this puts Yost in a tough position; will he continue to put a pitcher in the starting rotation that is only going to be able to get him 5 maybe 6 innings before he self destructs?

If we did not have such a promising player waiting in the wings I would say yes, lets put one of the long relievers in after the 5th and put it on the pen to get the win.  But with Gallardo pitching lights out in Nashville,I feel Yost and Melvin need to make the move to bring him into the rotation instead of Bush.  Now I am not completely sure if arbitration has something to do with Gallardo still being in the minors, because if so, I can wait another month if it will keep him under contract for an extra year.  But if not then the move needs to be made.  Some would argue that Bush is better than Vargas but I have to disagree.  Yes, Vargas has gotten himself out of some pretty sticky situations this year, but that is exactly why I would rather have him, because he has the ability to get himself out of trouble where Bush doesn’t.  Vargas also has a significantly lower ERA 3.90 compared to Bush’s 5.67.  The biggest stat is that of the 11 games that Vargas has started 8 have resulted in wins.  Now only 3 of those 8 wins were given to Vargas but either way they seem to win when he pitches.  Some would say that Vargas only goes 5-6 innings just like Bush but it seems like Yost understands that Vargas only can go 5-6 and then pulls him before he has a big inning.  The bullpen is good but they are going to be stretched pretty thin if we continue to keep 2 pitchers that can only get through 5 innings.  Thus, calling up Yovani Gallardo from Nashville needs to happen.

Over his last 8 starts Gallardo has gone at least 6 innings ever game and has recorded a dominating 88 strikeouts and an impressive ERA of 0.75.  This kid is straight up lights out.  Three times this year he has left the mound only having given up 1 hit though his 7 innings of pitching.  I think the time has come for Melvin to make the move and bring up Gallardo and send Bush to the pen as a long reliever and send Jose Capellan back down to Triple A.  Of course I don’t expect this kid to come into the majors and dominate like he has in Nashville but he has proven that he can pitch and deserves a chance to prove it at the next level.  Just like any other pitcher he will go through his lumps but it is obvious that keeping him in Triple A is not going to help any further in his growth since he is almost blanking every team he plays.  With in the next 2 weeks this kid needs to be in the rotation.  With games against Kansas City, Houston and the Cubs coming up at the end of the month I would expect him to make his start against one of these teams.  A debut against the lowly Royals sound perfect to me! 

JT Brewer