The Pennant Race has Begun

It’s been a busy couple weeks since I have posted last, with the Brewers lead in the Central dipping all the way down to two games. 

Even though the Crew has been playing well since the All-Star break the Cubs have been playing better, which in my mind benefits us.  Think about this, the Cubs have been playing their best ball of the year and are currently the hottest team in baseball yet they are still two games behind us.  The Cubs have won 21 of their last 28 games.  Think about that for one second.  There is no way that the Cubs will keep this pace up yet they are still trailing us by 2 games.  As we continue to play barely above .500 ball we still are able to keep our lead in the division.  The big concern is that after we finish today with the Reds we will be heading to St. Louis followed by a series with the Mets.

Now these two series I believe will have significant impact on out season.  If we can continue to play above .500 ball and get through these two series without losing our lead on the division to the Cubs I see this as being a big confidence booster.  This team is still very young and we all saw what happened last year when the pressure of creeping back into the wild card and division did to us, we lost ten straight.  This team is way to talented for us to do something like that this year but non the less we the pressures of being in a pennants race are already showing. I’m not sure what Yost was doing last night when he called a hit and run with a non contact hitter in Jenkins and a slow base running Fielder.  It is decisions like these that make people in the city of Milwaukee call for Yost’s head.  Besides not using his bench like he should in situations like this he is also still doing what Yost does best and that is leave his pitchers in to long.  I understand that we shouldn’t over use or bullpen but Yost seems to try to let pitchers work their way out of things way to much and this usually results in they getting smacked around and then bringing in a reliever after two runs have already been put on the board as well as having base runners on. 

There was an interesting question on sports radio 1250 wssp the other day; the question was has Yost won or lost more games with his decision making and consciences seems to be that he has lost more games.  I could not agree more, and I know it’s weird that I am calling for the head of a first place manager but I just can not deal with his lack of intelligence.  Well with the Brewers down 1-0 already in the third I’m going to finish watching the game and hope that our leader Yost doesn’t make another dumb decision that will ultimately cost this team another game.

JT Brewer



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