Heading to Wrigley

The Brewers have been on quit a tear since my last post, taking two of three from the Royals and sweeping the Astros.  But now we head to Wrigley for a much anticipated series with the Cubs.

There is no love loss between these two teams and especially their fans.  Cubs fans are still talking about how they are going to win the division and the Brewers are about to hit their usual slide and fall apart.  The problem with that statement is that these are not the Brewers of old.  These Brewers are bringing it all together now.  Everybody is hitting, our pitching is really picking up and the bullpen is holding it down.  Last nights series sweeping game against the Astros proved all of this.  Suppan doesn’t get the win but he pitched a great game and then our pen came up big and got it done, with Bush holding on for the win.  I really feel this is where Bush shines the most (in the pen) and his performance tonight showed why he should be our long reliever and why we should keep Vargas in the rotation once Cappy returns from the DL. 

And how about my hometown boy Damian Miller? No big deal I only grew up 20 min away from where he grew up lol.  Miller has been a real solid back up and I’m really glad we have been able to hold onto him.  I know he isn’t amazing but it’s still nice knowing that our backup catcher can also produce.  Since Rickie has come back our offense has been really up and only looks to get better.  With no Zambrano this weekend look for the Crew to score a lot of runs.  I really feel that the Brewers could burry the division with the next two series if they are able to continue this run.  If we sweep the Cubs and the Pirates or even take three of four from the Pirates I feel we might put ourselves out of reach.  The big key is winning the Cubs series.  As everybody knows they are in second in the Central and 7.5 games back, the thing with this series is that every game we win we put more distance between us and them.  The record I’m predicting by the All-Star break is a record of 54-34.  I know it’s a tall task to ask them to take eight of the next ten, but with three series with three under .500 teams, this are the runs championship teams go on.  Could anybody say they thought the Brewers would be 20 games over .500 by the All-Star break?  If they did they were either on drugs are just joking with their buddies. 

So, we got Gallardo kicking things of against Hill in a game that I see us winning.  This young kid has lived up to all the expectations and beyond thus far.  I had a feeling this kid was going to be good but he has looked like he has been in the league for years.  With two solid starts and almost two wins had our pen not blown his lead this guy looks like he could be the real deal.  With him and Sheets both pitching this weekend I think we got two wins for sure. Sheets has become on of the dominate pitchers in the league winning five of his last six games and bring an ERA of 3.09 with him.  Gallardo could someday be that pitcher and I feel sooner rather than later.  This is a big series and one that could if things don’t go our way, could really make things interesting in the Central again.  So let’s put together another solid series and finish this division and crush the hopes that the Cubs fans have that they can catch us.

JT Brewer


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