Yovani Gallardo Debut

Yovani Gallardo the Brewers top pitching prospect showed that he was worth the wait last night, pitching a solid 6 1/3 while only giving up four hits and only three earned runs.

While it looked like Gallardo was on his way to an easy win after finishing the sixth he struggled through the seventh and the Giants scored three more runs to cut the lead to one. Villy did a very nice job coming in and getting out of the inning with out letting the Giants tie the game and the Turnbow pitched a solid inning to set up Cordero for his league leading 26 save.  Even though Cordero struggled and scared the **** out of a sold out Miller Park Stadium, he got himself out of a bases loaded with one out jam to preserve the win.  Over all I thought it was a great performance by the entire Brewer pitching staff.  Gallardo showed why he has been looked at as the top pitching prospect in Triple A.  He showed no fear out on the mound and went after every batter.  Even when facing Bonds he still went after and didn’t look scared to pitch to him.  This kid is only going to get better as he gets more Major League experience.  He threw his pitches with confidence and did an amazing job painting the edges.  I’m already getting excited for his new game!

Once again the offense is coming through.  I know I’ve been beating this like a dead horse but Corey Hart is straight up balling right now.  I believed that he was going to be a solid player and possibly something special but he is blowing my expectations away.  I understand that he probably will cool off a bit but I really like what I’m seeing out of this kid.  He has a solid glove in RF and has the best arm in the outfield and now his offense is blooming.  We have to have one of the best 1-5 batting orders in the League.  Braun continues to show why he was pegged as the top offensive prospect with another solid game.  And even more impressive, he is really making some great plays on defense.  That throw to first on the bunt was not an easy play.  He is really starting to step it up on the defensive side.  Yeah he is still going to make mistakes and does have five errors on the year but everybody knew coming in that he wasn’t a gold glove third baseman.  I think he will turn into a great defensive player but he will make some mistakes along the way.  Going back to the offensive side Prince continues to prove he is one of the best offensive players in the game by blasting another HR.  I don’t even know what to say about him anymore, everything has been said over and over.  There are no more people saying he has the potential to be this or that, he has become a legitimate All-Star.  It was also nice to get Rickie back in the lineup and make some solid contact and get a couple hits.  I think that he is hitting in a good spot and that this might be the best place for him because he has the speed to be bunted over by the pitcher, where guys like Estrada will probably be thrown out.  Overall this was another solid game by the Crew.

Sheets hits the mound tonight looking to give us our third straight series win.  I’m feeling pretty good about this game.  Like I said earlier, I think Sheets has gotten himself back to top form and is going to be looking at a 17 maybe 20 win season. He’ll be taking on the youngster Tim Lincecum who has shown that he has good stuff.  Looks like it could turn out to be a pitchers duel. Lets go Crew!!

JT Brewer


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