Crew 9 Twins 10

In a game that was disappointing, exciting and then heart breaking all at the same time I’m not sure how I should be feeling.  Should I be happy that we made such a great comeback and showed great heart?  Or should I be upset that besides Suppan getting worked all game long, we had the bases loaded in the 9th with 0 outs and could only get one run out of it?

I understand we can’t win every game but it would have been huge to get a sweep and bring a nice 5 game winning streak to Miller Park. The thing that upsets me is once we did load the bases I knew that we had Graffy and then Counsel coming up to the plate.  Thank god Counsel was able to get the tying run in but I defiantly didn’t feel confident with those two coming up.  I understand that in a situation like this when we are able to have Prince play DH to give him a bit of a break and have Graffy play first, but these two should not be in the lineup at the same time.  On a more positive note, how about our ability to put runs on the board over the last 5 games. We have been able put some good wood on the ball and notch 34 runs over the last 5 games!

A big part of that has been the play of Hall, Hart and Jenkins.  Hall seems like he is starting to get back to his old self, and by old self I mean prior to the 2006 season. This was back when Hall didn’t think of himself as a power hitter and would just make good contact and would have good solid plate appearances.  I think Hall is finally starting to come out of his slump and he is doing it by having a good eye and making the pitchers come to him.  Hall has 8 walks and 9 hits over his last 6 games.  Another player that I have always like since I first saw him playing last year is Corey Hart.  I know my last post is about him but this kid is just on a tear as of late.  With another huge game yesterday I would think he has solidified his spot at leadoff.  To correct myself, in my last post I had mentioned possibly packaging Jenkins in a deal to get another pitcher.  I do agree that he is needed because he is one of the few veterans, but I also feel that he is one of the few expendable players that are worth something in the market.  Now after his recent tear I still feel like if we could get another solid pitcher we pull the trigger, but I would not be upset at all if we kept him.  Like I’ve been saying all season its kind of weird being in the position to be making deals to strengthen our team instead of trying to get anything for a player because he is going to leave us at the end of the season.

On another positive note we are going to be witnessing the debut of Yovani Gallardo tonight.  I will hopefully be in attendance, but I will have to see if all the scalpers bought up all the $12 tickets assuming Bonds would be near the record.  Either way I am really excited to see what this kid can bring to our club and to our rotation.  Hopefully I’ll see ya at the game tonight, let’s go Crew!!

JT Brewer


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